Constructor for Lipidomics experiment from list of assays

LipidomicsExperiment(assay_list, metadata, colData = NULL, rowData = NULL)



A list or SimpleList of matrix-like elements, or a matrix-like object. Passed to SummarizedExperiment().


A list containing arbitrary information about the experiment. It should at least contain 2 elements:

  • dimnames 2-element character vector with dimension names

  • summarized Has transitions been summarized?


An optional DataFrame describing the samples (contains clinical information). Row names, if present, become the column names of the LipidomicsExperiment.


A DataFrame object describing the rows (contains generated lipid annotations). Row names, if present, become the row names of the SummarizedExperiment object. The number of rows of the DataFrame must be equal to the number of rows of the matrices in assays.


LipidomicsExperiment object